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We're back! We got hacked before, then we decided to just leave things for a little while, and I saved the url. As said before...our names are Sophie and Jenna. We're back and yeah. Hi. |
Mar 4 '13

maudkennedy asked:

Why are you doing all that? You make the whole Larry Stylinson thing absolutely unbelivable. We're not in a movie.

But we’re not trying to prove to you that they’re real. Not anymore, anyway. We’ve posted what we have, and we’re saying that we know they’re dating, but that’s it.

If you don’t want to believe us, and you don’t want to believe that Louis and Harry are dating, that’s fine.

How are we making it unbelievable? 

Tags: maudkennedy
Mar 4 '13

Anonymous asked:

management scare the shit out of me.... your bravery to do this is really awesome. admiring you. larry til the end. much love. xx

Thank you.

But we’re not brave—we’re not doing anything.

Don’t let them scare you; they can’t do anything to you so long as you keep out of their way. Don’t be stupid like us and you’ll be fine.

Mar 4 '13

Anonymous asked:

how did you guys get this "picture?" and what was it of? ive just found this blog and im a little behind..

Please read the FAQ and our story.

Mar 4 '13

Anonymous asked:

Hi almost every single one of your links go to deleted posts?

They’re all there. But if you click on the links of the first comment or whatever, then it’ll say it’s deleted because after Management hacked us, they deleted the blog. That’s why we can’t get the original posts, and most of them are reblogged from stoponedirectionsmanagement.

Jan 18 '13

Anonymous asked:

Sorry i meant to say, are NOW deleted...* and one of them is the blog you reblogged a lot of ones about how elounor is fake,how mgmnt tracks the larry tag,etc etc. Summer's blog or something

It’s fine, I understood:)

Unsurrenderedstyles? I think she just deleted her blog; I doubt it was anything to do with Management. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was, though.

Jan 17 '13

Anonymous asked:

Dont you think its a little 'weird' how 2 of thw blogs you reblogged Larry stuff from are not deleted. More specifically, a blog that u reblogged SEVERAL analysis's from is deleted. Weird...(not rlly.. Its probably just mgmnt lol)

They’re really pathetic.. What harm is it doing? We’re just seen as “deluded” by other fans, anyway. Besides, hardly any people who don’t believe they’re together read analyses. 

Do you know what ones, though? Because it might just be a coincidence.

Jan 14 '13

Anonymous asked:

You said management've contacted to you after what happened but you can't tell us more. Did they offert you money? did you accept that? Idk it's just weird that a while ago you told us everything related to management and this blog but now you can't.

No, they didn’t offer us money. Even if they did, we wouldn’t accept it. 

I know it’s weird, but things change.. Things happen. I’m sorry. I can’t say any more.

EDIT: I don’t know what I was talking about - they did offer us money. It says so in Our Story. We didn’t accept. Jenna - the one who was on the phone with them - asked how much they would offer her (to see how much they were willing to pay) and they said, “Name your price and we’ll go from there,” or something of the sort. She said she didn’t want any money, though.

EDIT 2: I’ve just realised what I meant when I first answered this. I meant that they didn’t offer us money the other times they contacted us. Only the first.

Jan 10 '13

Anonymous asked:

Hi you two are lovely :) but why that person send you the larry photo? i49(.)tinypic(.)com/9j0ejb(.)png thanks n_n

Thank you:)

Well, if you read our story, it will say that we never had a photo in the first place. It’s all explained in there:)

Jan 8 '13

Anonymous asked:

Haylor "broke up"

I’ve heard this, too, but is there an actual confirmation? I hope they have.. It was clearly getting to them and they shouldn’t have to go through that. I just wish Elounor would “break up” too.

Jan 7 '13

hellsxgates asked:


Thank you:)